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posted May 13, 2012

일본 잡지 'MORE'에 실린 시원이 기사 영어 번역본이에요.

시간나면 우리말 번역본도 올릴게요-_ㅠ

* Thanks, element LM NGAI! :)






p.286 of MORE June 2012 Issue (Japan magazine)

translated by: element LM NGAI (9 May 2012)


The Artist who is capturing the hearts of Asia




I suggested some ideas which formed the comical scene


Mr Siwon always takes the job of [being a member of] SUPER JUNIOR as his core and centre of work,

and the K-POP group SUPER JUNIOR’s first Original Single was ranked #2 in ORICON last year in Japan.

The fact that his followers in Twitter have exceeded 1 million (!!) makes him the first artist getting so many followers

in the Entertainment Circle of Korea and proves that his popularity is not only limited to Korea but is expanding into the entire Asia.


The secret of his popularity lies in his personality. When he is being interviewed, he first says,

“Please feel free to talk about whatever you want to talk about.”

That is what he entrusts us to do for creating a more relaxed atmosphere.

Even during the shooting of pictures, he would ask the cameraman (in Japanese), “Are you OK?” and so on. 

He wants to create a better atmosphere. That’s our impression on him.


“Regardless of what work, I think that the work can be affected in better manner to a certain extent if the atmosphere is good enough. 

If we can laugh when we communicate with one another, good ideas will naturally form.  

Good result can be reflected in the work produced.”


Last year, Yunho (the Senior Artist of our Agency) and I featured together in the same TV drama titled “Poseidon”

which was broadcast in Korea last year.

At that time, I tried to make better atmosphere of the shooting location in the same manner.


“Acting as the Marine Police, the action drama involves my participation in solving issues and thus there must be many serious scenes.

However, I would try to add in some elements for fun in whatsoever manner and would directly discuss with the Producer.

For example, we have a scene in which when I am about to cover my jacket onto the lady sleeping on the sofa,

I need to hurry in pretending to wear the jacket instead as I am afraid to be noted by the colleagues who are entering into the office.

Don’t you think that the addition of such scene can make the audience happier?”


 [Translator’s note: Great job, Siwon! Your big idea can really make us laugh and release the tension of the drama.

I watched that scene two weeks ago and really love that scene! Perfect! Many thanks!^^]


 For purposes of making people be happy --- that is his aesthetics.

In particular, for concerts, there are thousands of audiences who are looking at him at the same time.

He will remember such touching moments that he feels when people concern about him. 

Lastly, he would like to pass the following message to the readers of MORE:


“Please take extra care and attention when you walk on the street at night.

Moreover, please try to avoid from joining any events where men are sitting next to you and drinking alcohol. 

Yes, we should be stricter if we have younger sisters? Actually, although I have a younger sister,

I think she is fine since she is reliable and steady (smile).”


I would like to say to my younger sis, “I would like to give you a present for this trip.”

He then holds MORE in his hands as he treasures it so much.




I have been able to endeavour my best efforts because I want to be a near-perfect man


The body being trained continuously and the good-looking face have created the image of “Mr Perfect”!?


 “I believe that although there exist no perfect things in the world, all people want to become a “near-perfect” man.

Just because they want to become a perfect man, they will endeavour their best efforts in doing so.

For sure, I am also such a person having the same thoughts.

As for a perfect man, doesn’t honesty and fidelity act as the condition of the first priority? What about myself?

Yes, I have been striving to be honest all times. I think, even though others do not see,

I should never speak differently and have to be responsible for what I say. I need to be the type of person who acts and speaks consistently.”


Internal honesty and fidelity is also required to be perfect!


 [Translator’s note: I find this paragraph so touching! Siwon does perform well according to the rule of E.P.I.C.  Should we learn from that?]




Going to the movie theatre by oneself. Why?


Please tell us what you are interested in doing when you have a break? How will you spend a day?


 “When I have a break, I will do a lot of things that I fail to do as I am too busy at work. I must go to GYM.

Then, when the night falls, I will go to play basketball with my friends and seniors and then we go for a meal and I can drink my most favourite Draught Beer...I have a lot of different things to do. In the end, I will be much busier than usual time when I work (smile).

I like watching movies. For most of the time, I go for a movie by myself. Why?

If you ask me why I go to the movie theatre by myself, my answer is: I will be more confident. 

If you ask me why (I will be more confident), I think this is because no girls are present! (smile)”




Ideal Couple is my parents


In the TV drama “Poseidon”, he and the female main character are playing the boxing game in a scene.

The female main character likes boxing for releasing her pressure, with a more sense of male.

If you meet such a girl, what will you do?


 “Although we can become good friends, what about with that girl (smile)? 

Not only rely on the first impression but rely on the words given by her

because her words can help me further understand whether she could be my type.

If I search for a girl, I think it’s a must that we can communicate well.

Even though she is a great beauty, I may say SAYONARA (in Japanese, meaning “goodbye”) to her

if we fail to communicate well in our souls (smile).

Ideal couple is my parents since they can be honest to each other and trust in each other, and they make a good model, indeed.”






Because I decide to create better atmosphere on site,

And make better work,

I will smile and act honestly at all times.


 [Ending note of translator: I’m glad to know more about Siwon, a very good elder brother!

I’m happy to see that his parents are ideal couple! His views on “Perfect Male” can help me educate my boys (and big thanks to Siwon)!


Besides, please kindly pardon me for any missing or mistranslation since my Japanese proficiency is not good enough. Thanks!]

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