Mr.Choi & with Donghae Collaboration Support :) [English ver]

posted Apr 22, 2016


Hello. This is Mr. Choi & with Donghae :)

While both Donghae and Siwon are having the military duty, we passed our hearts as a support to them for several times.
Until they discharge and back to us in 2017, we decided to support them via seasonal collaoration support.
We will only make the limited amount since we're producing it for Donghae and Siwon, and since the goods will be the same items as we send it to them.
So we'll only reveal the gifts first and reveal the goods after we pass it to them later.

Non-members and overseas fans are also allow to participate for this support, so we hope for your attention and participation! ^^

*For season 1 items, customized stainless sport water bottle and towel will be prepared.

Season 1 pre-order gifts: Clear type photocard set (2 donghae, 2 siwon)
Season 1 gifts: Postcard set (2 donghae, 2 siwon)

Season 1 payment period: 2016/03/27~2016/05/30
Season 1 pre-order period: 2016/03/27~2016/04/03
Delivery: End of June

1set 30USD + EMS fee
2sets 60USD + EMS fee
3sets 90USD + EMS fee  

* Please contact us for overseas EMS fee.

Kookmin Bank 086602-04-131322 Han Si Yeon

* Paypal charges 5% of transaction fee, so please contact us to our email if you like to pay by paypal.
* For overseas group order, please contact us to our

[Payment form]

1. Depositor's Name:
2. Payment method (bank name or paypal)/Deposit date/Deposit amount:
3. Quantity of your order:
4. Receiver's Name:
5. Contact number (mobile number):
6. Address:
7. Zip code:
8. Email address:

* The profit will use for Donghae and Siwon’s support.
* Non-members can also buy it.
* After payment, please send us an email to with deposit form.
* After payment, refund and exchange is unavailable.
* Other questions, please send us an email to :) .