Agony 2012.02.15 11:50
Hi,Mr Choi,more than 6 months have passed since the last time u came to BeiJing,when will u come again?The 源飯(means Siwonest in China) miss u very much,please take care of yourself well , expecting your new drama ,fighting!
SiwonFangzi 2012.02.15 11:40
好开心呢 始源多了一个韩站 欧尼辛苦了^^加油哦~

Siwon's Fans,We are family^^ love siwon 4ever~~~fighting!

China siwon's fans...^^
Kate_shen 2012.02.15 11:24
We always love you in TAIWAN\(^o^)//
暴暴 2012.02.15 11:16
CHINA elf love this so much,love siwon forever
chickie 2012.02.15 03:10
I love you so much siwon oppa you are the one in my heart I promise i will alway beside you
李小米_SW 2012.02.15 02:31
Estoy muy alegre ver un nuevo web para ti y espero que podamos darte mas amor!!!
李小米_SW 2012.02.15 02:29
Siwon, te quiero para siempre!!!
janechoi 2012.02.15 01:57
i love Siwon forever!!You are a gentleman, the most handsome in my heart forever!I will always love you and support you.
yuki 2012.02.15 01:18
i love Siwon forever~haha~
123 2012.02.15 01:10
Siwon is so amazing!
He is the hottest man in Korea !
We HK ELF love him!
PS : Thanks MR.Choi :-D
Sunny 2012.02.13 02:28

시원이에게 하고픈 이야기, 허심탄회하게 전해 보는 곳입니다.
세상사 지치고 힘들 때, 가슴 터지도록 기쁜 일이 생겼을 때, 술 한 잔 기울이고 문득 시원이가 보고플 때(...) 등등,
주저 말고 마음을 열어보아요.
제가 한번 시작해 보겟습니다.

늦었지만...여...열었어요ㅠ_ㅠ 열기도 민망한 홈...열었어요ㅠ_ㅠ
열심히, 노력하겠습니다=ㅅ=

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